Every Person Deserves Peace Of Mind

We are a team of dedicated professionals reaching the Alaskan community.

Our Team

Damito Owen, LPC-S, Clinician

One of my passions is to encourage the strengthening of healthy relationships. This could be healthy relationship with oneself, your loved ones, others in your community or even your finances. Sometimes the stressors of life can interfere with us experiencing life on our own terms. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work stress, financial stress, trauma, or addiction issues, together we can explore ways for you to reach your goals.

Clinically I have experience in treating a variety of mental health issues. I use an integrative person centered approach that draws strongly from CBT, ACT, and Narrative Therapy to support you on your healing journey. I am a trauma informed therapist trained in EMDR, and other evidenced based psychiatric treatment modalities.

Julia Coyle - LPC Clinician

I believe in the strength and resiliency of the human soul. My passion is helping you to own and understand the many stories that create your personal narrative. A life story is not simply one story with a beginning, middle and end. It is a collection—an anthology—and as such it has multiple beginnings, middles and endings. There is tremendous importance in owning and understanding your life’s stories. Therapy is the process of developing a compassionate relationship with yourself through integration of these many stories. You can learn to look at life from a new perspective with hope, optimism and forgiveness.

I will use narrative therapy to work collaboratively with you to assist in weaving the different pieces of your story into a cohesive whole that is understandable and meaningful. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to address ways of thinking that may be keeping you stuck and to help you find new, life-affirming ways to address issues that arise. I also use insight-oriented therapy and person-centered therapy to meet you exactly where you are in your narrative. I am trained in trauma-informed care, and my professional experience includes extensive work with adolescents and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, interpersonal struggles and behavioral challenges, as well as those in acute crisis situations.

Phoebe Proudfoot, LCSW Clinician

Initially, my path to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) started in my mid-twenties working with high risk lower income families and individuals struggling with addiction. Over time, I become increasingly interested in developing the skills training to effectively help individuals impacted by trauma. Recognizing that our narrative history is held within our conscious, subconscious and within our bodies my work currently focuses on working with experiential modalities, including role playing, guided imagery and art therapeutic activities. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Feeling Therapy (EFT) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which are all researched based therapeutic models that are focused on helping individuals to heal core emotional wounds.

Maria Poulsen, LMSW Clinician

I am passionate about being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Dr. Sherri Scott, LPA, LPC-S, MAGL, DCS, Clinician

Dr. Sherri Scott is a Licensed Psychological Associate, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Licensed and Ordained Minister and has 24 years experience providing behavioral health services. She has worked as a Clinical Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and Educator in psychiatric residential treatment, university and community outpatient settings.

Since 1992, she honed her specialization in child, adolescent and family therapy. Dr. Scott’s area of expertise is providing therapy for trauma recovery, acute life crises and mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety).

Since 2002, she has worked internationally to develop leaders and provide humanitarian outreach for some of the most acutely suffering, mentally ill and impoverished peoples throughout South America, Africa and the Middle East (serving over 60,000 people to date).
Since 2006, she attained advanced degrees (Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Doctorate of Intercultural Studies/Leadership Development). She is passionate to facilitate wellness and help others successfully achieve their desired life goals.

Noni Rathbun, BS Accountant/Financial Specialist

Noni has a passion for helping individuals and small businesses organize and implement their accounting principles. She has over 20 years experience helping individuals and company’s maintain a clear financial path. She continues on top of her field by attending both local and national educational opportunities.

Mari Cannon, MLS, MBA Business Coach

Mari has a multidimensional background that allows her to provide insight and clarity. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies in the banking, legal and health industries.